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  • I write songs/music to help people and improve conditions.
  • I work with artists to help them discover, pursue and attain their dreams.
  • I create content that features BIPOC and other marginalized groups, especially the LGBTQ community.


Commercial Composer

Kyle's cowrites have garnered over 150 million streams on Spotify. He has cuts with such major label artists as Kygo, Yellow Claw, Miss Li and Peg Parnevik to name a few. Puccia cowrote the title song on Kygo's album "Kids In Love" which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Kyle also has 7 cuts, including 3 singles, on Sony Music artist Miss Li’s Swedish Grammy nominated album "A Woman's Guide To Survival". Puccia’s songs have also charted on Billboard’s Top 40 Hot Dance Club Play & Top 10 UK Commercial Pop Charts and he’s garnered synchs on such TV shows/films/ as Pretty Little Liars, Legacies, World Of Dance, Love Island, Siesta Key, The Titans, The Vineyard, Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood, DTLA, The Masked Saint and Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List. As a composer, Kyle has written and produced dozens of scores for Microsoft, Absolut Vodka and T-Mobile commercials: LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Vocal Coach

Music Director

As a vocal coach, Kyle works with teens, up-and-comers, Broadway veterans & Tony nominees, major label recording artists and Grammy winners as well as film/tv actors looking to expand their arsenal of skills.
As one of LA’s most sought after voice teachers, Kyle provides a positive and encouraging environment to instruct LA’s most prominent talent in the following areas.

  • technique (breathing, support, phrasing, placement, vibrato)
  • repertoire
  • style
  • audition technique
  • performance
  • songwriting

Kyle has coached clients to sign major label recording deals and to book Broadway and First National Tours of Hamilton, Rock Of Ages, The Cher Show and Aladdin to name of few.


Projects in various forms of development.
Feel free to reach out for more information.

laurel wreath
musical TV episodic (1/2 hr)
A trust-fund party girl inherits a warehouse in DTLA and is forced to grapple with her own entitlement as she learns responsibility and the value of helping others.
laurel wreath
feature length film
A charismatic trans teen transfers to a new school and is forced to keep his gender history a secret to play on the boys lacrosse team and secure a coveted scholarship. But when he and his new best friends become the target of an entitled bully, he learns that walking in his truth is the first step to becoming a team player
laurel wreath
full length stage musical
A young Native American man wakes up from a coma with no memory of his past. As his family gathers around him, his dark past reveals itself piece by piece and forces him to confront his demons, tend to broken relationships and come to the realization that what's past is past but what really matters is today.
laurel wreath
comedy web series
A group of 4 queer forty-something artists grapple with getting older and navigating expectations around career, money, love and family only to realize they're exactly where they're supposed to be.

Songs on SPOTIFY


Lisa Loeb (#1 Billboard Charting, Grammy Winning Singer/Songwriter)

“I love working with Kyle when I’m preparing for a tour. Warming up with Kyle gets my voice into shape and his approach to the tough parts of my songs makes my job easier on the road.”

Lisa Loeb

Marcus McGee (Actor, Singer)

“A long time voice student, when I was looking for a teacher I wanted someone who not only knew the details of vocal production from anatomy, to technique, to vocal expression, but I also wanted someone who could accompany me when I was prepping for auditions (and really give me the feel of being in the audition room), someone who could transpose on the fly (so I could still work on songs that weren’t in my key), and someone who could potentially help me with laying down tracks for future recordings. I got all that and more with Kyle Puccia. A professional with a heart! Two thumbs up, way up!”

Marcus McGee

Celina Nightengale (Actor, Singer, Dancer - First National Tour: Aladdin, Rock Of Ages, Las Vegas)

“Kyle Puccia has been my absolute go to when it comes to vocal coaching for over 10 years now. I’ve had such success in musical theatre because of his guidance and knowledge of music, audition material and repertoire. I believe what sets him apart is his ability to find songs that fit me as a person and performer. He’s not only helped me build my vocal skills, he’s also helped me build a book for auditions so that I feel prepared for any scenario. I’ve reached out to Kyle for so many last minute callbacks and auditions where I’ve had to learn music in a day or in a few hours. It’s safe to say he’s been my secret weapon. With my training from Kyle I booked the musical Rock of Ages understudying the principal role of Justice and I’m currently on tour as an original cast member of the 1st National Tour of Aladdin. I couldn’t have done this without him!”

Celina Nightengale

Allie Meixner (Actor, Singer, Dancer - Broadway: Cher Show)

“I am a dancer who sings and have always been very self-conscious about my singing voice, but Kyle helped me change all of that. He gave me the support, confidence, and most importantly picked the right material for my voice. After working with him for a year I landed the role of Columbia In “Rocky Horror Show” and recently been cast in the new Cher musical that is heading to Broadway. I can’t thank him enough for the endless support and encouragement. His vocal coaching really changed the path of my career and I am so thankful for him !”

Allie Meixner

Pierson Fode (Actor)

“Kyle’s vocal coaching is incredibly approachable. He takes you through the steps of strengthening your voice while keeping your unique sound and style. As an individual and artist, I believe this an incredibly useful craft to study and one that is best gleaned from someone as talented and experienced as Kyle."

Pierson Fode

Kristin Hanggi (Tony Nominated Director – Rock Of Ages/Broadway, Feature Film Writer/Director)

“Kyle is a magical force! As an arranger, producer, vocal director, and vocal coach — he has a way of bring out the best in people! Kyle has an incredibly powerful way with music and every project will be blessed by having him on the team.”

Kristin Hanggi

Cassie Hernandez (Actor, Singer)

“Kyle has been my voice coach and mentor for about four years now. He not only has helped me improve my vocals, but has given me valuable advice, confidence, support, and the tools I need to help me grow as an artist. He has an incredible amount of drive and work ethic (which means he does not take any holidays!) and always makes sure to finish whatever he has started. I walk out of every lesson feeling inspired and motivated by him. Whenever we get together for a songwriting/recording session, he always brings such a positive attitude, focus, and attention to detail. I truly admire his creativity and talent and am so thankful for everything he has done for me, including cowriting my very first single, 'No Return'.”

Cassie Hernandez

Kurtis Simmons (Singer, Actor)

“Kyle Puccia is a pro. As a producer, he takes every work session & assesses the moment for the most productive way to use the available time & energy. And in each instance, you’re left with a creative product. As a vocalist, I appreciate Kyle’s ability to hone in on what’s getting in my way from time to time as well as find a solution to any vocal problem. You can tell Kyle is a vocalist himself – he’s been where you are & knows how to get you to where you need to be.

A great listener & motivator. A creative & inspiring collaborator. A talented musician. And a knowledgeable producer. He’s exactly what I was looking for to produce my first full length album, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It’s been my incredible pleasure working with Kyle on this project.”

Kurtis Simmons

Kelly Hare (Actress, Singer)

“Since I have been working with Kyle my vocals have never been stronger. I have grown so much in confidence as a singer and performer because of his influence and guidance. Kyle always has an optimistic, supportive and positive demeanor. This always leads to an unbelievably creative and imaginative partnership.”

Kelly Hare

Preston Mui (Singer, Dancer - Broadway: Hamiltion)

“My sessions with Kyle are always productive and VERY enjoyable. He has helped me grow as a singer and has given me the skills and ability to go into vocal auditions with confidence. His knowledge of music is enlightening and his creativity and song writing skills have helped me make songs my own. Kyle is a great vocal coach.”

Preston Mui

Giulietta (International recording artist whose current single “Vertigo” from her debut album, Ascension, peaked at #16 on the Dance Billboard Charts)

“Not only was Kyle Puccia my vocal coach for the past 4 months whilst I was in Los Angeles, he was a mentor. Kyle taught me many new ways to look at not only my singing, but also music in general, opening my mind to many new approaches and techniques. Kyle also helped me find different places in my voice that I’d been hiding away.

He helped me to achieve what I came to do as well as collaborating with me on acoustic reinventions of 3 songs from my debut album “Ascension”. He knew how to understand and interpret my creative ideas and I understood his. That’s what I loved most about my classes with Kyle.

Kyle’s teaching techniques are by far the best I have received in my 15 years of singing. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone searching for the rightcoach or even just starting out. His love, dedication, and passion for his students and teaching is unbelievable. I can’t wait to continue working with him in the future. Thank you Kyle for everything!”


Gina Starbuck (Singer, Dancer - LA production: Wicked)

“Kyle is a godsend. His confidence in me is contagious! He is so well versed in all styles of music and is excellent at building on the strengths of each individual student. I’ve always loved singing, but he has sparked a new passion inside of me and I leave every lesson feeling fullfilled and hungry for more! He doesn’t just train your voice, he trains your mind. I absolutely adore him."

Gina Starbuck

Vivi Rama (Bass player for Orianthi, Will I Am, Jordin Sparks, Macy Gray, Nicole Scherzinger)

“As a bass player, I always wanted to provide back-up vocals at my gigs. It wasn’t until I started taking vocal lessons from Kyle Puccia that I was able to achieve this. Kyle has given me the tools to sing while playing bass! I’m currently playing bass and singing back-up vocals for Orianthi.”

Vivi Rama

Elysa Gomez (Singer, Actress – “Rock of Ages”/ LA & Las Vegas productions, Silverchair (“Young Modern” album) and Callbacks for In The Heights, and Rent)

“I had worked with a few vocal coaches prior to Kyle however after working with him I quickly learned that he is the one I will stay with forever! He brings a driven energy and focus to each session yet displays a very sensitive approach to the specific needs of his student. He has helped instill in me the confidence to fully utilize and trust my talent. His dedication, passion, and honest thoughtfulness in working with me continue to inspire me on a daily basis and positively impact every aspect of my creative life.”

Elysa Gomez

Jennifer Richardson (Actor, Singer)

“My biggest passion in life is doing musical theater, but I never had a voice to match the passion. Then I started taking voice lessons from Kyle. Kyle is an amazing teacher, gently guiding me to new levels of ability every week, celebrating each little victory and encouraging me even when I reached plateaus. He has taught me EVERYTHING from scratch – vibrato, support, placement, dynamics, head, chest, mix, belt. Combine his exceptional teaching with my hard work and determination, and I booked 10 musicals in the last few years! And that includes two quintessential starring roles as Maria in The Sound of Musicand Eliza in My Fair Lady. Kyle has helped me realize my dreams.”

Jennifer Richardson

Keli Daniels (Actress, Singer, National Commercial Goddess)

“Kyle Puccia has given me utter confidence in my voice as a performer. I came to him thinking I couldn’t carry a tune and now I’m singing in cabarets all around LA.”

Keli Daniels

Nikki Tuazon (Actor, Singer, Dancer: P!nk, Christina Aguilera, NKOTB)

“Kyle was the perfect coach to start with.  He was so cool and made me feel so comfortable and was able to explain techniques to me in a way that was easy for me to understand and apply.”

Nikki Tuazon

Leo Moctezuma (Actor, Singer, Dancer: Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, In The Heights: The Movie)

“An amazing artist, songwriter, producer, musical director and vocal coach. He’s encouraging and supportive. Results are as dramatic as they can be!”

Leo Moctezuma

Ben Allen (Dance, Host, Singer)

“I had no singing experience until I met Kyle. After the first time we worked together I was hooked. He was able to teach me the basics, build my confidence and get me comfortable enough to sing at auditions. He’s one person in LA that takes a sincere interest in his students and encourages them really reach for their goals. I accomplished things I NEVER thought I would and I owe it to Kyle.”

Ben Allen

Marta Krupa (Dance, Host, Singer)

“I was unaware of my potential singing capabilities until kyle worked with me and helped me develop my vocal range. Thanks to his dedication i am able to hit notes i would of never imagined.  Every week I notice progress and I’m very grateful to be working with such a wonderful vocal coach. Thanks a bunch Kyle!”

Marta Krupa

Kevin Stea (Dancer: Lady Gaga, Madonna's "Truth Or Dare" tour/movie, Rent The Movie, The Birdcage, Showgirls)

“Without Kyle’s guidance and amazing skills I would be at home humming in my shower. Instead, I’m on stage singing my heart out and having a blast. He has an uncanny understanding of placement & sound manipulation that everyone can benefit from.”

Kevin Stea

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